Algae growth

Growing algae in a photobioreactor is a common application. Algae need light, carbon dioxide, water, nutrition and the right pH-value to grow. All those requirements can easily be recreated by a photobioreactor.

Algae are interesting for different industries. In part, they are already used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, bioenergy and food industries. However, there is still more research to be done in order to discover the full potential of all different algal species.

The IKA Algaemaster 10 control, a fully autonomous photobioreactor, provides researchers with the equipment necessary to produce mass densities even of the most sensitive dinoflagellate microalgae.

Growing Amphidinium in the IKA Algaemaster 10 control

Growing parameters

Stir speed:40 rpm; continually
Lighting intensity:20% (on at 06:00 am, off at 10:00 pm)
pH:CO2 on at 8.6; off at 8.4
Gas:O2 on constantly

The production rate of the IKA Algaemaster 10 control has proven to be much higher than normal static growth.

Pyrodinium bahamense

Further successfully grown algae in the IKA Algaemaster 10 control

  • Bacillariophyceae
  • Cryptophyceae
  • Cyanophyceae
  • Dictyocophyceae
  • Dinophyceae
  • Prasinophyceae
  • Prymnesiophyceae
  • Raphidophyceae

The photobioreactor is designed with a focus on growing algae in marine science institutes, algae research centers, biofuel research industry, food & cosmetics as well as the pharmaceutical industry (drug discovery), but could also be used as a bioreactor for many other applications.

Trial device

You are interested in our Algaemaster 10 control but not yet convinced if our photo bioreactor fits to your requirements? No problem, we provide a free demo unit to test your specific application.

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